File Management

All your file management is done by the accountant preparing them always tax ready.

Also we take Paperless backup online all the time.

When the regulators and banks ask you for any documents , just call our accountant.

No more spending time in managing your records

Advanced Reporting

You can find out anything from your accounts

  • What is the real cost of returns on my sales ?
  • What type of customers pay me on time and who don't ?
  • How much am i spending on meeting with people ?

Just ask our accountant and they will pull out reports for you.

Future Bank Balance Feature
Bank Account Balance doesn't tell the whole story

You shouldn't have to get out a calculator just to figure out if you can afford a new car or your next trip or if you pay a creditor early would you have money to cover up your rentals.

Your current Bank Account balance tells you what is in your account , but then you have to mentally deduct your upcoming rent, salaries, mobile bills and due invoices payments.

Our Future bank balance Feature does all the math for you automatically by taking your bank balance and subtracting upcoming payments , and any business goals you are saving for .

It also takes into account expected incomes based on past trends .

Fraud Detection

Figures may be used for more than just determining the financial strength of the business, though.
Figures in genuine business transactions generally follow a pattern known as benford's sequence of numbers .

All your accounting transactions figures are analysed against the standard benford distribution. If we find any huge differences it means there is a high chance of employee fraud as the records are being falsified.

This makes sure a fraud is caught on early before significant losses to the business. Also, your accounts shall go under 14 different checks to trigger any frauds.

Auto Pilot your Taxes

Filings are prepared automatically days before due date so you are always on time.

You only need to approve based on simplified preview of information going in your tax return.

Payroll for Your Employees

Running payroll with us helps you give every maximum possible tax deductions to your employees lowering their tax out go. This lets your increase their salaries without increasing cost to the business .Yes , We will also handle statutory compliance filings of ESI and PF. There are tracking error deductions need to be in the next line.


To prevent data leakage we follow a policy of masking unique business identifiers so that the team working on it cannot trace it to a particular client.

Data is always encrypted and can be accessed only after proper authentication which is followed by us and our partners.

All our Accountants enter agreements to safeguard your privacy and confidentiality.

We aim for Better Accounting

We try as much as possible to have machines read from your data so that the human error doesn't creep in.

Also , Our Accountant personally follows up with your suppliers and customers to make sure there no missing invoices and difference in treatments of any transactions on either side